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Blog entries on this site have been posted by the president of Home Insurance Buyers Guide, LLC – an organization dedicated to helping consumers find affordable homeowners insurance in states where both the availability and cost of private homeowners insurance is a major issue. The company offers an on-line guide through its web site at www.homeinsurancebuyers.org.

You can follow specific blog posts for issues in your state by visiting the following sections of this site:

Florida Homeowners Insurance Crisis

Texas Homeowners Insurance Crisis

The Home Insurance Buyers Guide helps you find, screen, and contact home insurance companies still writing new business in your county. There is nothing else like it to help you find affordable homeowners insurance.

The Home Insurance Buyers Guide is designed to give you the information you need to survive and prosper despite the shortage of affordable homeowners insurance in hurricane prone states. The guide features the names of private insurance companies still writing new home insurance in your county. It also includes a Buyers Guide Rating for each insurance company that takes into consideration the company’s financial stability, size, number of years in business, and customer service history. Subscribers can share policy cost information and their satisfaction levels with other homeowners. Finally, the site gives you convenient ways to send your legislators a clear message about the high cost and shortage of homeowners insurance in your area.

Don’t miss out on critical information you need to be among the lucky few with an affordable, private homeowners insurance policy!

Visit The Home Insurance Buyers Guide today!

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